City Tour Northern Area

Daily (AM/PM) - Duration 4hrs  

Today we will begin by visiting Palermo district, with its beautiful parks and artificial lakes, the place where “porteños” like to spend their weekends having picnics or practicing sports, jogging, skating or rowing. This is Buenos Aires Central Park and in the middle of this great park stands a huge art Noveau Carrara marble monument devoted to the Spaniards. 

This park, designed by a French landscape designer, Carlos Thays, has two artificial lakes and around 12,000 trees, a beautiful rose garden with thousands of different kind of roses, the White Lovers’ Bridge and the Patio Andaluz. Then, we will drive by the National Polo Field and the Horse Race Track, Argentina is famous for its horses! 

Finally, we will visit Recoleta area, one of the most elegant and glamorous spots in BA, facing the “feria hippie”, and overlooking a huge park with an open market during the weekends, is Recoleta Cemetery, a place where you can lose yourself for hours. Among thousands of mausoleums, with art nouveau, art deco, baroque and neo gothic architectural styles you will find the one that belongs to the Duarte family where Evita is buried. Learn about the ghost stories that lie behind these graves…This cemetery is considered to be one of the most impressive monuments of Argentina.