La Bandada

The Pampa. A green lung that seems to extend to infinity. The gauchos used to gallop their horses through  it, from end to end. Their silhouettes vanished on the horizon, behind a large dust cloud. Only a river or a  stream could stop them in this ideal land for livestock and crops. The fences, the estancias (ranches), the agriculture, and the tree planting started in 1846. The infinite landscape was transformed with agricultural production, but the traditions of rural life remain. Those first trees planted in the early 1900s – today part of the landscape – offer their exquisite shade in the summer afternoons.

La Bandada proposes to enjoy the Argentine countryside with the enhancement of its uses and customs. 

Right after crossing the gate, guests begin to enjoy the rural air. Flocks of ducks fly across the sky in their characteristic V-shaped formations, from lagoon to lagoon. After walking through the agricultural pastures, guests arrive at the main house, framed by a magnificent grove of trees: immense hybrid planes, poplars, pines, as well as ginkgo bilobas that stand out in autumn with their intense yellow leaves.

The variety of birds in the area inspired the name of the estancia – La Bandada means “the flock” in Spanish – and also the rooms. The house is colonial style, with unostentatious elegance. Its pleasant and spacious rooms are an invitation to rest and read. Wide galleries keep the house cool: a perfect place to hang out in the afternoon or, instead, challenge to play a traditional game: the sapo. Further, quite discreet in the large park, the pool offers the ideal treat for swimming and cooling off. Besides, there are special areas for massage, among other treatments to feel renewed. The pastures and the hacienda can be explored on horseback. Participating in a polo clinic or just enjoying being a spectator is also possible. The service is customized, with caring attention.

Dishes bring traditional recipes, very tasty, cooked with fresh ingredients from the vegetable garden. The guests can pick up their choice for the daily special with the cook. It is impossible to miss the ever present homemade dulce de leche – fudge – and the juicy empanadas: everybody wants the recipe to take away!

Tea is served under the shade of the trees, in the shelter of the gallery, or it can be carried in a picnic basket, to drink it in any of the many beautiful spots of the garden.

La Bandada is the ideal place to experience the Argentine countryside. Its proximity to Buenos Aires City allows to enjoy it through diverse alternatives:

One to four nights stay: full board and activities (up to 14 guests). As there are a few rooms, it is an ideal place to enjoy privately.

Field Day: typical asado – barbecue – for lunch, with activities from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. For up to 20 guests). 

Events: La Bandada is perfect for all types of events, whether family or corporate ones


La Bandada has five rooms in all. Two of them are apartments with two rooms each. All rooms are named after birds that are frequently seen in the estancia.

Accommodation capacity: 14 guests

Standard Cardenal: Double room (20 m2) with private bathroom. Double matrimonial or twin beds.