Península Valdes

On the coastline, Puerto Madryn is bathed by the blue waters of the Nuevo Gulf to the East of the Province of Chubut. It is located on the cliffs of a small high plateau that features an impressive view of the Atlantic Ocean. To reach Puerto Madryn from Buenos Aires, various airlines operate daily in the city or in Trelew, which lies only 67 kilometers away. Its the entrance gate to the large Valdés Peninsula, which was declared World Natural Heritage in 1999. From June to December, various populations of southern right whale arrive in Puerto Madryn and may be observed either on board the boats leaving from Puerto Pirámides or standing at natural viewpoints such as El Doradillo Beach, where the whales and their calves are seen very near the shore. Best time to visit Between July and December, the most anticipated moment for the entire province comes: the arrival of the famous southern right whales to the coasts. The show finds its best version in September and October, when the 16-metre-long animals dance through the waves, surprising tourists in boats who are ready to enjoy a choreographed spectacle. MUST DO Whale watching Penguins at Punta Tombo or Estancia San Lorenzo