This land is the largest wine producer of the country. It’s called the world capital of Malbec. Explore it. Taste the wine route. Tour wineries and vineyards surrounded by unforgettable landscapes of the Andes Mountains. Go to the National Grape Harvest Fest [Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia], one of the most important festivals in our country; a show that goes beyond its frontiers. Enjoy folklore music. Celebrate the election of the National Grape Harvest Queen.   

The Andes, with their two peaks of Aconcagua and Tupungato, reach their maximum expression, providing altitudes (in most parts of the territory) superior to 1000 meters, a factor which determines the overall feature of the province, including its wines.  

In addition, rivers, valleys, canyons, lakes and lagoons, dunes, woods, and dams appear one after the other under a diaphanous sky that gives meaning to the official welcoming slogan “Mendoza, land of sunshine and good wine”. Also, the tree-lined roads and the cities crisscrossed with life-giving irrigations channels, provide added charm. 

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