The Cordoba hills are located in the centre of Argentina and are famous for their healthy climate and wonderful scenery.  

Cordoba is known for its good weather and healthy climate; “Siempre de Temporada” always in season is the old slogan.  The climate can vary but is generally sunny and dry; the rainy season is in the summer months.  The winter is short but can be cold at night; it is usually warm and sunny in the middle of the day.  The sun can be very strong so hats and good protection are recommended year round. 
Here you will find a land with a history. The tracks of Comechingons, Olongastas, and inhabitants that grew with the Guaraní culture. Places that bear witness to the legacy of the Jesuits that lived in the province. Roads that take you along towns and landscapes right out of a dream. 

The locals called “cordobeses” are steady, respectful and gentle people.  The culture of the gaucho and reverence of the horse is strong and bring with them the best traditions of Argentina.