Salta y Jujuy

Salta, unparalleled landscapes. Diverse culture. Rich traditions. Discover a province you will fall in love with. A land of archeological treasures and ancient traces. Travel through pre-Hispanic history. Find the mix of races that make up the identity of the people from Salta. Take part in traditions and popular fests that emerge from the villages, where the religious spirit combines with music, dance and rituals.   
The first people to live in this area were aware of its outstanding natural beauty and called it “SAGTA”, which in the Aymara language means “very beautiful one”. Even today Salta is known as “the pretty one”.. 
Walk around Jujuy and challenge the passing of time. Tour the home of ancient civilizations. Feel part of archeological sites that have been declared World Heritage. Open up your eyes and watch multi-color mountains, exuberant forests and high deserts. Discover the Pachamama cult, love for Mother Earth, passion for carnival and popular fests. Let the legends that live in the voice of native villagers catch your attention.   
Its varied landscapes allows the traveler to practice different types of adventure tourism, while at the same time enjoying an immense landscape filled with colours, silences and sounds, amongst valleys and gorges, amongst mountains and water courses, and, all coupled to the simplicity and culture of its people. 

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