What to do in Salta and El Chaltén: among the 50 best Destinations according to TIME


What to do in Salta and El Chaltén: among the 50 best Destinations according to TIME

An American magazine known worldwide, a rank that matters to all travellers year after year, and, in the top 50, two stunning destinations located at the ends of the Earth. Salta and El Chaltén found their deserved place in one of the most famous lists of recent times: the World's Greatest Places.

What does the ranking highlight in this opportunity? Famous and emerging cities with innovative offers, which signal the path towards sustainability and post-pandemic economy recovery. The two Argentinian musts meet all the requirements to get to the podium: nature, landscapes, gastronomy, culture, and adventure. Read the best experiences to enjoy them to the fullest.

Salta, ‘La Linda’ or The Beautiful Province

The vibrant and warm culture of northern Argentina is reflected in every corner of Salta. Salta, the colourful province, high-altitude wines, and unique craftwork. The one that vibrates to the rhythm of the legüero drums, zambas, and chacareras. TIME claimed, "Salta welcomes visitors with new (and old) experiences that guarantee warmth for the soul and calm for the body." These are some of the recommendations to visit it properly:

1. Taste Local Gastronomy in El Baqueano

A native restaurant in Buenos Aires that just landed in Salta after 13 years in its place of origin. TIME Magazine highlights this gastronomic gem as one of the reasons that helped the province of Salta to be part of the ranking. Dreamy views from Cerro San Bernardo, seasonal dishes with top quality products, and personalised attention are some of the distinctive features that characterise it.

2. Get a Plunge into the Hot Springs of Hotel Termas de Rosario de la Frontera

Another favourite that swept TIME off its feet. 110 kilometres from the capital, an accommodation has set a trend in the province exactly 142 years ago. Hotel Termas de Rosario de la Frontera is a luxurious hotel in the middle of nature, with golf courses, and seven hot springs with temperatures that vary from 25°C to 99°C.

3. Walk around Seclantás

In the small village of Seclantás, with only 300 inhabitants, the walls of its houses exude culture and are home to those who make the most characteristic clothing of the north (and of the entire country): the poncho. With all the colours and designs you can imagine, this coat is worn on top of your clothes; it has a hole in the centre for the head, and its warm wool covers the rest of the body. The weavers of Seclantás are master artisans, showing their art to visitors who long to connect with Salta’s roots. If you are going to the area, visit Casa Díaz, a restaurant with its own vegetable garden where the region’s ancestral recipes still prevail.

4. Try the Torrontés, the Iconic Vine of the Region

Wine tourism is part of the itinerary and wine lovers are grateful for it. Altitudes of around 1,750 to 3,050 metres, and the thermal ranges favour vine cultivations and growth. The Wine Route in Salta is a unique activity that finds its best version in Cafayate.

5. Visit Salinas Grandes Salt Flats

Endless white, lagoons of water mirroring the clouds of the sky, deep silence... One of the country’s Seven Natural Wonders lies in the province of Salta and welcomes thousands of tourists every year. It is no wonder: the 200 sq. km. of extension combined with the 3,500 metres of altitude are ideal for photography fans and those looking for new experiences.